The ruddy mongoose is quite common. It is not unusual to see it in dry forests of India and Sri Lanka. It is mostly a solitary animal but it can be seen sometimes with a mate or even more rarely in small groups of 2 to 5 individuals. It is a land species but it does not hesitate to hunt in trees if the situation requires it. Its ecology remains poorly known.

Length: 39-47 cm.

Weight: 1,2-2,2 kg.

Breeding: Unknown.

Habitat: Dry forest, shrubs, thorn forests, open habitats and rocky outcrops

Food: Birds, rat snakes, small land monitors and other reptiles, rodents, gasteropods, grub.

Predators: Leopards, jungle cats, jackals, crocodiles, pythons, raptors

Best places to see it: Yala National Park in Sri Lanka