A word about the author


It is often hard to determine what is at the root of one’s passion and why after so many years it still remains. I have been fascinated by wildlife since childhood and my passion only grew as more and more books on the subject filled the shelves of my library.

At the age of 17, I was lucky and privileged enough to make my first trip to Kenya in the Masai Mara. If such a trip could only reinforce my interest for wild animals, it also developped my taste for wildlife photography fueled by my desire to immortalize the beauty of the wild .

Always in search of emotions that only the bush can provide, I undertook numerous trips in Africa (Tanzania, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, South Africa) but also in South Asia (India and Sri Lanka). Each trip brought its own share of memories and feelings.

If I always try do my best to take the best shots possible, a certain amount of pics are more for the record. The website’s main purpose is to allow visitors to discover the beauty and the diversity of the wilderness. I hope that through these photographies I will be able to raise consciousness on the necessity to preserve wildlife .

Today a lawyer specialized in international law , I try as much as possible to conciliate my passion for wildlife with my professional life. The subject of my thesis dealt precisely with the protection of wild terrestrial fauna under international law.

I hope that you will derive as much pleasure watching my pictures as I had taking them.

Yann Prisner-Levyne